Saturday, January 3, 2009

Jordan True Flight Black/Red

Happy New Year to everbody! Have not been able to get on in a minute due to being super busy but I am back nevertheless.

As we venture into 09 expect some wackness to come out of Jordan Brand this year. Speaking of which I present to you the Jordan True Flight team shoe. While Jordan heads will look at this and know that it is a terrible spin of the OG 7, this team shoes will more than likely hit clearance very soon after the drop! LOL. From the looks of the pics they slapped together some crappy nubuck material, terrible looking white sole, and a off red stitch to somewhat try and accent the shoe. Not to mention the SUPER SIZED logo on the back near the heel area. BONG!!

Let's not get it twisted..... I know that they can't make dope shoes all the time but come on JB, they ran out of creativity with this one.

Jordan True Flight

Face it....They will NEVER be these...........

Jordan 7

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