Saturday, November 29, 2008

Dj Clark Kent "Black Friday" Air Force 1

Dj Clark Kent back at it again. This time he brings us a "Black Friday" twist in which he designed himself. Pay attention to detail with this one. There over 5 different material types used on this shoe. These came out on Friday and retail for about $150. These are super limited and it will be very difficult to get your hands on a pair unless you are going to get jacked on ebay!

The thing I respect the most about Clark Kent is that this shoe released Friday as early as 4am in New York, 10 am in Boston, and then finally around 8pm in Miami. Clark Kent made it to each one of those spots to contribute and make it special for the people buying. Talk about commitment to the game. Have not really been into 1's since the 20th anniversary joints but I must say these are FIRE!!

Air Jordan 1 Black/Royal Blue High

So last week I gave you some pictures of the low top joints like these that will release next month. So for those of you who cries loud enough saying how you wish JB would drop them in high top, well here you go! These are set to possibly release sometime in April of 09. Again....will be my beaters.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Air Yeezy Confirmed!! 2009

So let the camp out begin now! HAHA..So these Air Yeezy are suppose to be super stupid limited when they drop in the March 2009 timeframe. So you know the Jumpman is definitely going to be on the hunt once they drop. They are going to be a non-profit shoe so Kanye is not suppose to get any cash for them. Peep the pictures below and then read the statement Kanye released.

I’m gonna start releasing some of the pieces online starting in January. The jacket from the AMA’s, the Warrior hood that I wore at the Dior show and this one here. I actually designed this one and the jacket from the AMA’s less than 3 weeks ago! I’m really happy with them! Sidebar: The Louis Sneakers are coming out REEEEETARDED and the Yeezy’s drop in march. Sorry for the wait. I swear to you guys all I do is work on design when I get off stage. I want to and will be the real thing. I will not just be a “celebrity designer.” Shit has to be good!!! Another shout out to the Kids from the lines Public School and Sandinista, my personal 2 favorites this month , you got busy! Today is a great day, I’m in Amsterdam at a really dope hotel overlooking the river. I got some sleep on the plane so I should have my voice back a bit better. Whoever saw the promo I was doing this week could tell I was beat and my voice was dead but I still had to get up there and do my job. All the controversy aside, life is great. I’ve already started conceptualizing a tour idea for next summer. I want to do it in the round (perform in the middle of the arena). Ok, gotta bounce, more press to do. - Kanye West

LeBron James Nike Air Force 1 Supreme

WOW. Don't really do the air one game any more but I still show respect when respect is due. Not really too much info at all on these but Nike did a exclusive joint for Lebron. Stong possibility that these will release to the public. For now enjoy......

Nike Dunk High Vandal Premium - Round 2

So Nike is dropping some more heat rocks again with the Nike Dunk Vandal Premium. Unlike the first round they stuck to a simple scheme with these. Liking the concepts and if I grab a pair hopefully they last. They almost look like you would jack you ankle up if you moved the wrong way. LOL....

Lebron VI "Big Apple" Edition

So at first I really didn't take too much liking to Lebron new Zoom VI joints. I still think they are bulky to rock with regular street gear but def make for a fly hoop shoe. I believe that Nike still needs to try and define the identity of Lebron when it comes to his signature shoe. This color however is pretty dope. Don't know if it's just me due to it being in that holiday season mode or what, but these reds that keep popping up are catching my attention. Check out some of the pictures below from the game the other night against the Knicks.

Nike WMNS Air Force 1 High - Valentine’s Day

So Nike is going to be soon releasing the wnms "High Top" Air Force 1 sometime early next year. More than likely right before or around Valentine's Day. Surprisingly they are making it a high top instead of traditional low top they are known for dropping on us. It is white with white patent leather and floral accents all around the shoe. Hint of red around the heel and Nike Air tags, throw in a set of red laces to make things "Pop!" Those of you that know me know I despise a white sole but dope color for the ladies. Enjoy....

Dead Stock Dallas! Strikes Again....HAHAHAHA

So he does it again. After the first vid you know I had to put this joint up! For those just getting into the game take note on the deadstock comments he makes in this.... Oh, P.S. I got those Tiger Woods that he dropped on you in the video in the collection deadstock my damn self. Had to throw that in there.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Star Trek (Jordan XXIII)

I can't stress it enough... everything some how comes back around to sneakers!!! Especially the Jumpman baby!! Check out these 23's in the new star trek movie that is coming out. Dope. Dusty but Dope.

Jordan Phat 1 Low

So Jordan Brand was back in the lab with these and brings us the Jordan Phat 1 low. It's Jordan spin off the low top SB dunk. These are extremely comfortable and surprisingly put together fairly well. They released the black/red low top back in Sep of this year for those of you who slept. With the "True" high top version that just released this past weekend in black/red it has sneaker headz once again asking Jordan, "Why in the hell didn't they drop the high in this color?" Oh well, look like these will be my next beaters.....LOL

Converse X Staple Pigeon

Sooooo, with all respect to Jeff Staple doing big things in the big apple I still don't know about this one. I was really feeling the pigeon dunks and the new balance collaboration, but this.....I am still on the fence. Ain't mad at you at all Jeff for getting that money though. This will definitely still sell out once it drops. No set date as of yet. Any thoughts??

Nike Dunk High Spark

So I know that I am a little late on these.... These boys dropped a couple weeks back and I got to see these in person. I am really like the wool accent with a durable leather outer. The unique thing is that the bottom is made of a sticky rubber which is really good in the winter months. So with this not only keeping you warm and fly, you won't bust your ass either. HAHAHA.. Grab em if you can still find them.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Burn Rubber Fresh Crewnecks X Clipse PlayCloths

What up fam? I was in one of the greatest sneaker boutiques in Detroit yesterday and saw the store full of people at 2 pm on a Fri afternoon. For what you might ask....for those of you who are sleeping Clipse officially released their new clothing line yesterday@ Burn Rubber. So in the words of my very good friend Mr. Skighwalker......Don't sleep!!! Oops, matter of fact you already did because quantities are damn near gone. Click my link to their website on the right to get over there and handle that!!

Most importantly, while you are trying to put in your order make sure to cop this Exclusive Burn Rubber crewneck that they got in. They come in 4 dope a$# colors for every occasion. Limited quantities for those as well. This crewneck is sick. So those of you definitely wanting to stand out by wearing pieces that will spark up conversation, then you should have one on now!! The simple yet "Detailed" quality of this shirt was very well executed. Stop Sleeping!!! Get over there and support Detroit's sneakerhead movement!! For more pics head over to their online store. I leave you with these for now....

Friday, November 21, 2008

Jordan Spizike Black Cactus US Release Date and Detailed Pics

So my good friend Mr. Skighwalker a.k.a. "My Son" (Had to throw that in there) totally hates this colorway in the Spizike. At first glance I started to say the same thing. Upon closer review from the pics below it is still really detailed sneaker. Jordan Brand already release these over in teh UK a while back.

These were also featured in Nelly video "Stepped on My J's"...WACK! (Sorry about that..LOL) They will be releasing here in the US on 12/31/2008 for a $175 price tag! Trying to wrap my head around this violet that is on there though. Will def have to see what these boys look like in person. I do like the clear neon sole though....Thoughs????


It would be good to see some local catz in the D go for this. Stand up and show the rest of the world that we are trend setters over here too!!! Check the info below.....

Calling all Tastemakers, Trend Spotters, Artists, Sneaker Heads and anyone who thinks they know the fashion industry like the back of their hand!


MTV is looking to bring a group of people to New York City to work directly with a world-renowned fashion designer, entertainment mogul and street icon. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be intimately involved in the fashion business, and to participate in the creation of a fashion line. At the end of our series, one lucky person will be rewarded with the opportunity of a lifetime!

WHO WE ARE LOOKING FOR: We are looking for creative, outgoing, self-confident, and TALENTED people who don’t yet have on-the job experience in fashion, but an understanding of what the public wants and how to give it to them. Any creative thinkers, marketing masterminds and sales people please email us!

If this is you, please email us at, telling us about yourself, why you should be chosen? What sets you apart from the rest? Do not forget to include all of your contact information as well as the address of any myspace or facebook pages you might have.

BMW M3 have outrageous potential...

So there's a company called HPF and they designed turbo kits for BMW M-series cars. They are INCREDIBLY powerful and can create upwards of 600+ horsepower in that tiny little car. This guy takes his father for a friendly ride down the freeway and I gotta tell you (excuse the french), it fuckin FLIES. His dad agrees with the same colorful language in the background LOL.

600+ horsepower

1000+ horsepower (rich kid lol..)

People ship their car to Washington, get them tuned, fly out and drive them back. Pretty crazy stuff.

Dell Laptops comin with tattoo'd lids?

It seems that Dell has caught on to the success of HP's "tattoo'd" laptops. These laptops typically are considered Special Edition and will come with more processing power than the average laptop in their line up. I guess Dell wanted in on the action. What's funny though is, the resemblence to Burn Rubber Detroit's mural painting on the wall:

Burn Rubber Detroit

I'm sure it's something famous and I don't know what it is. Either way, that'd be messed up if they were to possibly have ripped that off of whoever did the mural at Burn Rubber.

So much for private property huh Teek!