Sunday, January 31, 2010

Adidas Originals Greeley Mid – Natural Copper – Electric Lime

We don't believe this color will hit the U.S. anytime soon but still a good color combo on this premium silhouettes. They take that Wallabee midsole and freak out the brown upper with electric green sock liner. Look for other colors to release in this greeley mid.

Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke - Designed by Smiley

If you are not on Nike Bespoke train yet then you all don't know what you are missing. Very rarely do we like to post up all the different pictures that people design but a select few make it on our list. We gave this post some love just because we like the color innovation behind this one, along with the unique crocodile sock liner....that's pretty dope! We always wonder how comfortable that is if you were to even wear the shoe??? Keep in mind that Bespoke Air Force 1's are by appointment only @21 Mercer St in New York. Oh yeah....don't forget that $820 price tag attached to em as well!

Air Jordan 2010 Sample -- No Transparency

So here is a early sample of what the Jordan 2010 could have looked like before it's final revisions. Tons of controversy over "the newer" style shoes introduced by Jordan every year anyway so what's different? This sample pair has the "window" on the side of each shoe covered up with the jumpman and the 23/25 logo instead of the clear transparent ones that will release sometime in Feb. Take a closer look at the red misole does not have the message written across it like GR will have. In case you forgot what the released version will look like you can {CLICK HERE} for a refresher!!! Thoughts????

Nike Dunk High Premium – Black – Club Purple – Ultralime

It's something about this color that is "smacking!" I want to say it's the gum outsole that sets it off the most. We don't know if we are feeling the purple stitching on this but looks like it could be a winner amongst headz! Look for these at select retailers within the next couple weeks.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Ray Allen P.E. Black/Green Retro 12

If you caught last nights Boston vs. Magic game then you might have seen good ol' Ray Allen out there rocking some major heat! If not don't worry...we got you covered with some pictures below. Don't know if it's just us but did Ray changed his laces on the shoes at some point during the game or just grab a whole other pair with different laces? Black suede and green leather on the side panel/out sole of the shoe. Gotta love the player exclusives!!!! Don't expect these to hit retail by the way either.

Nike Mad Jibe Mid – Maroon/White/Gum

Simple, clean shoe boot style kick sits on the Nike Dunk platform. Nike released these in black a while ago and most heads missed out. Don't sleep on these maroon pair that have already hit stores. It's good to switch it up a little bit and go outside the box while still keeping a snappy casual tip!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nike Trainer SC 2010 Pack – Bo Jackson + Albert Pujols

Peep the two colourways of the SC 2010, the first inspired the OG colourway of the Trainer SC and the second inspired by the vintage St. Louis Cardinals University. Bo’s pair features “BO34″ on the heel heel while Albert’s pair features “Albert Knows” in the same spot. Release date on these is Feb 10, 2010. No word yet on the price point.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Word is.... Jordan Retro 3 White/Cement Grey in 2010?

So word is that the Jordan 3 is suppose to re-release yet again for 2010. We normally don't report on rumors but sources have been coming through lately on some pretty decent information and have not let us down since. This is not the actual picture of the "rumored released" pair but we thought we would throw this up with hopes that Jordan Brand does not change it too much if they do in fact release it. Keep it locked.

Air Jordan Silver Anniversary Retro 1 and Retro II Release Date Changes

Even though both of these kicks have been released overseas already they are pushed back for U.S. headz that are waiting on them. The Silver Air Jordan Retro 1 has been pushed back to the 13th of February and the the Silver Anniversary Air Jordan Retro II, which was supposed to be released this weekend, has been pushed back to to the 27th of February. Just thought you all should know in case you have not heard.

Nike Cortez Year of the Tiger

Read the caption below from our good friend money Maze over These are a really dope concept from Nike. Thinking about getting a pair? Think again....HAHAHA. Super limited release. Good luck to you if you do get your hands on a pair.

On Feb. 10th and 13th respectively, Nike is set to release the Year of the Tiger Nike Cortez. Following in the footsteps of its predecessors, this new shoe draws its inspiration from the Chinese Zodiac the year of the tiger. The Nike Chinese Zodiac New Year series started back to 2002 with the Air Force 1, celebrating the year of the horse. The Year of the Tiger Classic Cortez is the 9th design and the first Cortez shoe adopted in the series. As Nike’s first running shoe, Cortez has been well known for its comfort, lightweight and heritage. For 2010, the year of the tiger, the Nike designers took a new approach to interpreting the tiger. Instead of using the popular yellow stripe print, they used white tiger to reflect its image of power and prestige in Chinese traditional culture. The design details include:

• The shoe comes in with snow-white nylon upper and a subtly golden hue silk screened tiger’s stripe print. The same design extends to the sockerliner on which the Chinese New Year (2010.2.14) is dated.

• Chinese characters “?”(tiger) on Chinese trigrams and “??” (peace) are imprinted on the shoe tongue.

• The right shoe is finished with a red trim. It is a re-interpretation of the red string worn usually by people born in the year of tiger as a symbol of praying for good luck.

• An extra pair of shoe laces crafted by Starks will go with the shoe.

• The highlighted horsehair gives the shoe a living texture.

The shoe will be available in two different packages: A traditional Nike shoebox or a unique shoebox design limited to 200 pairs only. The limited shoebox is designed with the same inspiration to complement the shoe: white box with tiger stripe prints and Chinese character “?”(tiger) on Chinese trigrams and “??” (peace) are embossed on each side of the shoebox. Finally, the five-finger death grip design is used to open the shoebox in true tiger fashion. The Nike Year of the Tiger Classic Cortez will be available on February 10th with limited shoebox package and on 13th with traditional Nike shoebox at select Nike Sportswear stores in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Air Jordan 2010 White Red Black W3LCOM3 HOM3 Edition

So besides the white/black/red color that is suppose to be a general release sometime in Feb, the black/carolina blue color, and the P.E. black/silver that we showed you a while back we take a look at yet another 2010 from Jordan Brand. This time the detail on the shoe plays along to the slogan that Jordan Brand was running with this past summer when they signed Wade to the brand.."W3lcome Home" Notice the number "3" D.Wade jersey number for those of you who don't follow NBA ball. Call it Chicago Bull red or Miami Heat white these kicks still remain unknown of the actual release date on em. Keep it locked as always for more exclusive detail on the shoe. Enjoy the pics though.

Nike Big Nike and Nike Auto Flight Kill Bill Pack

"BAng BanG...I shot you down.....BanG hit the ground.." Sorry, got caught up in the Kill Bill/Young Buck intro came to mind when I saw these. Have to give the an A for effort with the concept and theme of this kicks but are they really that sweet? The Kill Bill Nike Big Nike is inspired by Kill Bill 1 and features a Black and Yellow based colorway with a Metallic Silver Swoosh, and Blood splatter throughout the upper. The Nike Auto Flight is inspired by Kill Bill II and features a Red based upper with Yellow and Black accents. The insole also features the Kill Bill hit list. If you like em them keep your eyes peeled because they have started to pop up at select Nike accounts now!

Air Jordan Retro II (2) White Black Red Sample 2010 Release

Yes...making it's return yet again this year in the classic OG color just in time for summer. Staying pretty true to it's roots on this one Jordan will bring back the retro 2 as a general release. Still no word yet on price but we are guessing $140. Keep you posted with more info as we here it.

Air Jordan Retro VI (6) Lakers Updated Look!!

So much has changed with this "Lakers" inspired color Retro 6. We originally saw a all black nubuck version sometime last year with hints of the gold/purple stitch throughout the shoe. If you follow Jordan Brand at all you should now be aware that they like to switch things up from time to time months before it's release. This version that is pictured below has nubuck and black 3m reflective material around the shoe. By doing so the purple/gold contrast stitching is brought out more in detail throughout the shoe. Expect early to mid spring release for these. Remember that we have 2-3 other colors before these hit retail. Expect the $150 tag on em as well!