Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Converse to Use Flywire in Upcoming Releases

In case you didn't know Converse is a Nike don't think that they were trying to jack the technology. HA. Converse is trying to bring back their performance lineup this year with somewhat of a twist. They have reached out to the better half and will soon release a select lineup of basketball shoes with the flywire technology embedded on them. Hard to tell at this point what the actual shoes will look like or even if the performance will match what's currently out on the market now. If Nike has their hand in it there is a possibility. Stick with us as more details develop around what all this will intel. For now we here at SSD are reserving our judgement until we can get more information out on these!

Nike SB P-Rod V – New Images

Surely more pictures with these will arise and when they do we will have them for you. If you can remember the post we put up around Eric Koston 1st branded skate shoe with the lunar technology incorporated, it comes as no surprise the P.Rod is following that same direction. We see a chocolate upper with a white midsole and what appears to be a "gum sole" outsole...WOW! Looking very similar to the Koston with the exception of the upper was minor adjustments. Stay tuned as we get more detailed shots as they hit the internetz.

Nike WMNS Air Max 1 – Light Blue – White

Perfect for the summer months and could not have dropped in a better colorway. Air Max 1 will always be that iconic sneaker and the streetz won't get tired of it no matter how many colors drop. This particular pair Nike cooked up for the ladies and have already released at select accounts. Retail on them should be about $92.

Nike SB Dunk Low UK Passport

My goodness....Now we don't know if you have been up on your Nike Dunk High/Low game at all this year but you need to be. Even though at times it seems Jordan and family pretty much dominate the sneaker game you can't forget a classic. This particular Nike SB has been inspired by UK Passport book colors (burgundy and gold). These should be hitting select skate account now here in the US just in time for July lineup. Let us know what you think!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Air Jordan Retro V (5) White Midnight Navy Red Release Info

As we stated before the Air Jordan 5 aka "4th of July" 5's will release on July 2nd for $150. Still keeping it's OG foundation but with a twist of white patent leather on and around the toe box, and heel. Blue midsole with red flame and white speckle. We should have a video review on these so stay tuned.

Air Jordan Retro XII (12) Summer 2012 Releases

More information leaked out today surrounding Jordan's Summer Releases for 2012. Looks like they will dig back in the crates for the 12 series and release all the old school colors. Wht/Blk/Taxi, Blk/Wht/True Red, and Obsidian Blue/Wht/Silver all in the high top version. Nothing yet regarding pricing or specific dates but just prepare yourself once they do drop. We are sure better pictures will release over the next couple months so stick with us as we get it.

Air Jordan 5 ‘Quai 54′ – U.S. Release Information

Are you all tired yet of seeing the "detailed images" of this sneaker? Yeah, we are too until we get them in hand. HA. Once rumored only as a Euro release will now hit the states this weekend on July 2nd! Retail should be around $160 but things could change in the blink of an eye so get ready. They will only release in limited quantities as expected at select House of Hoops locations. The word is that the US version will "NOT" have the green outsole like the euro release. Nothing has been confirmed yet from Jordan Brand but this would not come as a surprise if they did. The question is are you still going to try and cop even if it does not have the green outsole? Or does that green play a role in setting the shoe off?

Ray Allen Rocks Black Quai 54 Air Jordan 5

This past weekend you saw the twitpic that Dj Clark Kent put up of his very own pair of Quai 54 in black, and then Fat Joe followed suite by posting both colors on his page. Over the weekend the actual tournament was held in Paris and guess who was spotted hitting a half court shot with them on? The man himself along with a few others were seen this weekend sporting a pair of the so called "limited to 54 pair of black" Quai 54. Other folks that attend like Fabolous were spotted rocking a pair as well. Just a reminder that the "black" color won't see the retail light of day for people like us. Let the resellers have at it!

Air Jordan Retro XIII (13) 3 Point King Ray Allen PE Official Release Info

So just as we predicted these limited edition Ray Allen 13's will officially set to release on July 16th exclusively at the House of Hoops Boston and Solefly in Miami. Retail will be in fact $160 and those will be the only 2 locations to get them as of now. Jordan Brand is also hitting you with a little old school flavor by releasing the commemorative t-shirt which we are sure is sold separately. Good luck on getting your pair.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

DJ Clark Kent "Quai 54" Black Exclusive!

First and foremost if you are currently not following @DJCK_BROOKLYN on twitter then you are clearly losing at life! Lol. On a serious note...the man himself just posted up his very own 1 of 54 pair made limited edition Quai 54 in the black colorway. Don't fix your mouth just yet to say you are going to grab a pair because chances are slim. Don't expect these to hit retail (In the words of Katt Williams) "Not Never" anytime soon. Beyond Clark posting his "One a Days" on twitter you can catch the exclusive peep at some heat in a segment they call "PeepandWeepWednesday" on twitter. Thoughts on the black color compared to the white that the streets are waiting for? Salute to you yet again sir for hitting the streets with a peek!

Air Jordan Retro XIII (13) Ray Allen 3 Point King PE Detailed Look

So the latest craze at the moment now is that Jordan Brand may be scheduled to release the Ray Allen 3 point King PE sometime in July. Our guess is that if Jordan does decide to bring em out...they will release at select House of Hoops accounts. No official word yet on exact date, pricing, or what locations will even have them. From these early release pics the leather looks like butter and the detailing wtih the "Ray" (his logo) on the tongue looks pretty sweet. Stick with us as more news on these develop. Thoughts?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Air Jordan V Quai 54 – New Detailed Images

Jordan Brand Quai 54 Basketball Tournament will be featuring the Jordan V in this unique wht/blk/electric green colorway. Pictures of these kicks surfaced a few months back with only being released over in Europe as an exclusive. We are not the ones that like to spread rumors 1 bit but it seems as if these might make their way stateside at select House of Hoops locations around the July 2nd timeframe. As of now nothing has been confirmed for the US but they have already launched overseas this past weekend. Stick with us for more updates as we get them!

Air Jordan Retro VII (7) Cardinal

By now another Jordan release has come and gone. Needless to say this Jordan release was not as hyped as others have been. The cardinal 7 released this past Sat for $150. While you can still log onto your more popular websites to grab them at retail, make sure to look locally at a shop near you. Here in Detroit plenty of stores still have full size runs in these retros. What do you think it was? Other kicks dropping too close? Not a sought after colorway since it's been brought back almost 3 times now since the OG? Let us know.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Air Jordan Retro IV (4) White Cement 2012 Sample First Look

Just as we hit you with a picture of the Jordan X we now see the cement 4 colorway which a ton of people have been waiting on. These are scheduled to release sometime in February of 2012. Start saving those chips now people....expect Jordan to drop the black cement later next year as well. It would only be too right! Stay tuned and we will keep you posted.

Air Jordan Retro X (10) Chicago 2012 Sample First Look

No if you had a chance to check the internetz this past weekend you might have seen these "spy shots" of what Jordan Brand has next for the streets. The only news we have to report at this time is that the long awaited "Chicago 10's" will release sometime in January of 2012. We are sure more pictures will surface and once they do we will definitely keep you posted. What are your thoughts so far?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nike Foamposite Pro Dark Pine Black

Tons of hype over the "teal" foamposite that will drop next month in July, let's not forget about the Dark Pine foams that will also release sometime later in the year. No exact word just yet on when these will drop but we do have a few close up pics for you to stare at. Stick with us and once we hear more info on a solid date we will keep you posted.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Adidas Return of the Mac (T-Mac 2 Inspired)

It's no surprise out that Nike/Jordan aren't the only other companies out there bringing back retro kicks. This summer Adidas is bring back "Return of the Mac" (T-Mac 2) inspired shoes from over seven years or so ago. Slightly modified midsole to give a smoother look to the shoe, (the og had a bulky square shape) might bring back the nostalgia for some. Hey, my fellow Detroit people know T-Mac really didn't do anything for the Pistons this season but was balling back in his Orlando days! Thoughts?

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Air Jordan Retro 3 True Blue Review!

As usual...sit back and enjoy the video review!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Boss Man in the Jordan Retro 11's

Mike was caught wearing the Jordan 11 Cool Grey at the Bobcats Pre-Draft Day camp workout. Another one of his classic kicks and pretty cool to see the great one rocking these kicks off the court!

Jordan Retro 3 "True Blue" Release Today!

So just in case you slept in late this morning and didn't already have it marked in your calendar, the true blue 3's released today for $150. These are a general release so quantities are available at quite a few Jordan retailers. Don't be surprised if your larger online sites don't end up restocking these sometime next week as well if you can't find them locally. Happy shopping. Video review to come soon!