Wednesday, June 22, 2011

DJ Clark Kent "Quai 54" Black Exclusive!

First and foremost if you are currently not following @DJCK_BROOKLYN on twitter then you are clearly losing at life! Lol. On a serious note...the man himself just posted up his very own 1 of 54 pair made limited edition Quai 54 in the black colorway. Don't fix your mouth just yet to say you are going to grab a pair because chances are slim. Don't expect these to hit retail (In the words of Katt Williams) "Not Never" anytime soon. Beyond Clark posting his "One a Days" on twitter you can catch the exclusive peep at some heat in a segment they call "PeepandWeepWednesday" on twitter. Thoughts on the black color compared to the white that the streets are waiting for? Salute to you yet again sir for hitting the streets with a peek!

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