Thursday, July 30, 2009

Nike SB Zoom Paul Rodriguez 3 (P-Rod III) - Black - Red - Detailed Images

I have always like the concept of the P-Rod shoes but never picked up a pair yet. I think this fall is going to be a different story. I am kinda glad that Nike took away the big rounded front on these like we have seen on previous models. It makes the shoe look less bulky. I know that it was designed that way because it was originally a skate shoe but they are starting to realize that P-Rod is attracting other fans besides skaters. Take a look at the hint of safari print adn the black leather/suede combo mix used on these. I am also diggin the low profile cut and how they decided to also drop the "Phat" tongue look as well. Very dope! Fall 2009 is going to be pretty amazing. Keee it locked!

Carmelo Anthony - Louis Vuitton x Kanye West - Jaspers

Only a matter of time before we started to see celebrities rocking Louis Vuitton x Kanye West - Jaspers. Still would not rock them even if I had the $$$$. Some folks can get down like that but just give me my air maxs, J's and we can get it in! LOL. Why is La La looking even more made up to me now? Ah well.

D.Wade "Welcome Home" Tee

As we reported on earlier this month D.Wade has now been officially been signed to Jordan Brand. This is a picture taken of him with a tee shirt that Jordan Brand made for him. Don't know if it's me or not but doesn't D.Wade look high in this picture? LOL. You be the judge! Pay attention to detail on the shirt...gotta love JB!!

New Balance 575 x STAPLE White Pigeon

Let the pigeon madness begin again!! So Jeff Staple has been getting it in for a long time and team back up with New Balance to release another 575 but now in white! The first grey edition color had NY Heads going nutz!!! I will predict that these will do nothing but the same. No official word yet on when they will drop but the streetz are saying sometime in Aug. We will keep you posted though...check the pics and see if you like them better than the grey color!

Jordan Fusion 4 Premier Varsity Red/Royal Blue

The big stink about this Jordan Fusion is that people are calling it the better looking Fusion amongst all of those that have released so far. As for my thoughts they remain the same! (2 Thumbs down!) Not that I don't think that this is a sick colorway on both of these but a old head like myself would have respected them just dropping this color in the actual Jordan 4.

This is what I still continue to call the shoe for the new school catz out here....and to be honest there is nothing wrong with that it's just not my flavor neighbor. If you do like these and want to get your hands on a pair then head over to [] and grab a pair for a cool $160. That's another thing...that price tag! Oh boy. Be smooth ya'll.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Nike Air Force 1 MX Soles Available Now at Nike BeSpoke

Nike and their concepts...Oh Boy! All 19 different color clear midsole selections to choose from are now available at 21 Mercer St in New York. So here is my question...If you had the bread to grab a pair and customize to your liking...would you Rock or Stock them??? Leave comments below!

Nike SB Dunk Low - Ron Burgundy - Anchorman

Gotta give it up to Nike SB for there inspiration! The design came from Will Ferrell’s character from the 2004 comedy, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. The colors used come from the suit jacket he wore in the movie along with gold stitch on the midsole that was normally found inside of suit jackets back in the day. These will hit Nike SB accounts with the next or so. Check with your local skate shop for details.

Air Jordan XII (Flu Game) Blk/Red

This will be the third time that Jordan will release the retro 12 but this time with a little twist and even more of a story behind it. Expect a fall release on these Jordan 12's and from the pictures we can see that the upper is now a blk nubuck material as oppose to the previous release had blk leather upper.

There is also a sick face between the laces and the tongue. If you can remember that was the Final game back in 97 against the Utah Jazz when Michael was sick and was still able to pull off 38 points for the win. Hence the 38 stitched on the shoe as well. If you are a fan of the 12 then these will be a nice addition to the collection. Check the pics below for a more detailed look.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Gatorade Limited Edition Jordan Series Commercial

What other NBA player do you know has this much mass marketing pull......Don't worry, I'll wait! The answer is NOBODY! LOL. So check out the actual commercial that can be seen now and the making of the commercial just below it. It's like I said before, there may be other players out there in the world that are 10 times better that Michael ever was....but there will never be another NBA player out there to market himself as well as MJ. Get familiar!!

P.S. I will have all 6 bottles soon....TRUST! LOL. Let you know once I cop em!


Rock or Stock????

So as we continue to keep you posted on new kicks coming soon and our outlook on what's currently out there in the sneaker world...we would also like to hear from you... OUR READERS!

We are starting this session and asking all that are interested to please send a small video (3 min max) and or picture to with brief description showing us either your personal collection of a 1 or more shoes that you either "Rock" or "Stock." Tell us why you either chose to wear that particular shoe or why it will never see the concrete as long as you have it!

We are going to try and do this every week to keep it fresh but all of you that follow and or visit the site are more than welcome to submit and participate. The ones we get will be selected and posted on the site the following day. For additional details you can email us or write in the chat box section to the right of the page if any other questions.

Thanks and we look forward to your submissions!


Friday, July 24, 2009

Air Jordan Force Fusion XIII (White/Blk/Red)

I was going to run a poll on these but I will let you just go ahead and leave us some comments on these. Not the best looking fusion at all in our opinion and really look so close to being a FAKE. LOL. Thoughts????

Jordan Jumpman Pro Low (White/Navy)

Let me know what ya'll think about these. They take the 3 quarter cut and make it a low top version. You will see Jordan drop another 4 to 5 additional colors in the low top before the year is over. I just wish they would have added a little more blue on the outsole. Coming soon to select accounts.

Busy P and So Me x LiveStrong Nike Air Force 1 Release

No official word yet on what exact location are going to carry these but we do know that they release this Sat July 25th at select locations. This is rumored to be the last part of the Lance Armstrong Stages Greatest Hits Collection. Word is that some of the same stores that carried the first collaboration with Busy P and So Me will also have these tomorrow.

Release Locations:
ALIFE, New York City
Bodega, Boston
Darkside, San Francisco
Dave's Quality Meat, NYC
Goods, Seattle
House of Hoops, NYC
Huf, San Francisco
Nike Sportswear @ 21 Mercer, NYC
Nike Sportswear @ The Montalban, LA
Shoe Gallery, Miami
UBIQ, Philadelphia
UNDFTD, Las Vegas
UNDFTD, Los Angeles
UNDTFD, Santa Monica

Nike Air Force 1 Low Supreme Max Air Black Reflective

For all you Air 1 headz get ready again to come out of your pockets. Besides some of the Nike Bespoke x Custom iD's that everybody seems to be dropping cash on nowadays these are going to be a lot more of a reasonable price. This Black reflective supreme low top is very similar to that Jordan Toro Bravo 5 that released a couple months back. Once we get some additional pictures of them with the flash on we will post em up.

Big Sean (Getcha Some) Video

So every now and again we will feature people on the site not matter if they are artist, musicians, poets, bloggers, etc. The main purpose is to show those of you who tune in to the Detroit people that are truly out here doing what we call "Sole Surviving!" If you have not heard of Big Sean then you need to step you youtube/google game up quickly! Detroit's produced by Hype Williams! DOPE!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"THE VIDEO" of Lebron gettin DUNKED ON!

So if you didn't hear about this then all I can say is "Where have you all been?" So people out of LeBron camp i.e. Lebron himself wanted all video confiscated once it happen. This took part at his summer camp not too long ago when Jordan Crawford (brother of NBA Joe Crawford) dunked on Lebron in the lane.

The dunk was not that spectacular and they should have played it cool just like any other dunk that might have gone down. If Lebron or his people never made such a big deal about not letting anybody see the video then it really would not have been. So you know the media took it and ran with it! Either way check it out and let me know what you think! First time people have actually seen footage since it happened about 2 weeks ago!

Patta x Pro Keds Royal Hi + Lo Sneakers

I am not a huge fan of Pro Kids but this collaboration that they are doing with Patta is pretty sick! They are using premium tumbled leather and the gum sole is outta this world on these. The Lo’s and Hi’s are sold separately, and each pair comes with a free heavy duty grocery bag. They release on July 25th @ Patta and then select retailers there after in Aug. Could you rock with em?

Nike SB Dunk Gucci (New Pics)

In the words of E-40..."It's official like a referee with a whistle!" Nike is going to drop these long sought out Nike "Gucci" SB this holiday season. We have posted pictures up before about these but from the picture we received today looks like they did away with the "Gum" sole and kept it 100 by using the red outsole instead. Thoughts????

Nike iD Air Force 1 Low Premium MX - Smush Parker - Tonal Collection

So this post goes right out to the homie Joe...and and I both still need to get out there and get it in on a pair...or 3 in your case! LMAO!

The dude Smush Parker stopped in NY at 21 Mercer St to customize his own Nike Air Force 1 Lows. Smush created twelve different pairs of the iD AF1 Low Premium MX’s using the twelve different tonal colors available at the Nike iD space inside of 21 Mercer. Oh Boy....I want to make a side note if you are thinking about visiting 21 Mercer Nike Studio to make your own....Please have your paper up! You all know I don't say that just to sound like something...just the fact that some customs will run a min of $850+. Just a heads up, that is why I always like to admire from a far. LOL. Enjoy.

Air Jordan Girls’ Collection - Holiday ‘09

So when Jordan Brand comes out with their ladies division of footwear it's normally hit or miss. This is a small preview for ladies that is coming this fall. Ladies.....comment and let us know what you think and if you are diggin any of these.

Jordan 1 Flight (Girls)
Release: 11/01/2009
Color: White/Orion Blue

Jordan 1 Flight (Girls)
Release: 10/01/2009
Color: Black/China Rose

Air Jordan 1 Phat (Girls)
Release: 10/01/2009
Color: Black/China Rose-White

Jordan Sixty Plus (Girls)
Release: 10/10/2009
Color: White/China Rose-Black

Jordan Flight 45 (Girls)
Release: 10/01/2009
Color: Black/China Rose-White

Jordan Flight 45 (Girls)
Release: 12/01/2009
Color: Black/Aquamarine-Cool Grey-Grand Purple

Jordan Flight 23 6-Inch (Girls)
Release: 11/01/2009
Color: Dark Chocolate/Signal Blue-Metallic Gold

Jordan Flight 23 6-Inch (Girls)
Release: 11/01/2009
Color: Black/Metallic Gold