Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nike iD Air Force 1 Low Premium MX - Smush Parker - Tonal Collection

So this post goes right out to the homie Joe...and and I both still need to get out there and get it in on a pair...or 3 in your case! LMAO!

The dude Smush Parker stopped in NY at 21 Mercer St to customize his own Nike Air Force 1 Lows. Smush created twelve different pairs of the iD AF1 Low Premium MX’s using the twelve different tonal colors available at the Nike iD space inside of 21 Mercer. Oh Boy....I want to make a side note if you are thinking about visiting 21 Mercer Nike Studio to make your own....Please have your paper up! You all know I don't say that just to sound like something...just the fact that some customs will run a min of $850+. Just a heads up, that is why I always like to admire from a far. LOL. Enjoy.

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