Sunday, May 31, 2009

Air Jordan 1 High Strap GS - Blue - Pink - White

I most def have to get the daughter a pair of these once they drop. Pictures actually started to pop up early as of last week! Just now getting around to posting them though. Tentative release date of June 13th but most local nike retailer will have them early as of next week! Blue nylon with pink accents around the shoe/laces make for a fly GS (Grade School) release. Check em!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Footlocker Shoe Sniffer Commerical

Saw this over at and had to grab it. LOL. What up G-Roc!

Converse Co* (Co Start)

So Footlocker will be releasing one of many different colors in these plan and simple clean cut Converse. I think they will do real good compared to 5 years ago when Converse tried to do this and it flopped. Expect to see colors release mid June and through July months. Retail on the low will go for about $54.99 on up to $69.99 of the high tops. I think these look dope in little sizes. Once you get to my size they just look like boats! LOL.

Nike Blazer Air Force 1- iK

Not too much information has been released at all about these but decided to post anyway. While these look a little odd Nike innovation kitchen is trying to cook up another hybrid. These have a icy blue translucent sole with perforated upper. They look pretty comfortable but the pictures almost make this look like a size 12 shoe and not the sample size 9! LOL. Let me know your thoughts on this one? Would you cop if NIke decided to drop?

Nike Air Force 1 Low Womens Polka Dot Patent

So after we get hit with all those Jordan 1 mid/low cut polka dots we now see the Air Force 1 get that same treatment but now for the ladies. All black patent leather with white polka all around the upper, laces, and even the midsole of this shoe. Nike plans to release this with in the up and coming weeks. Stay tuned for further details.

Nike Zoom Sharkaliad Blk/Red Summer Release

This has to go under the "Fail" section of the site. Now I told you guys at the end of last year that Nike is going to cook up a bunch of Hybrids but.....hmmmmm! These are a mixture of the Nike Air Shake N'Destrukt along with the Nike Air Raid and features the OG Air Raid straps across the front. Scheduled to hit this summer....cop them if you like but I am going to pass!

Nike Air Max 97 "Lux" Black Camo

So of course my people overseas always get it in with styles that the US will more than likely never see. Here is a triple black upper mixed with 3m camo across the top with a smoked out translucent outsole. This color just recently released overseas and no official word it we will ever see it. Keep dreaming....for now!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Nike Women's June Release

Summer is heating up round here for the ladies out here in the sneaker world!!! The lineup starts with Nike Dunk High, Nike Blazer, Nike Court Force, Nike Aerofit, and Nike Dunk Low (GS). The “LV Drip” pack and Spray Paint pack are featured within these releases, along with skinny Dunk High’s and Bamboo Blazers. I swear the ladies not only get the fly colors but the price is even cooler. Expect these kicks to range anywhere from the $59.99 to $115. Hurry up and grab em before they are gone.

Nike Air Jordan "Hallowed Ground" Footlocker Exclusive

These mostly resemble the Jordan Olympia with addition of the Jordan 9 mudguard around the toebox. Not due to release in this color till October and will only be a footlocker exclusive. This is another sharp looking color with the exception of....that dog on SOLE!!! I would have rather preferred to seen a white midsole and then all black sole or blk/red color combos. Expect to see this release before fall in additional colors. I would use these boys as my new outdoor hoop shoe!

Nike Air Max Light - White / Obsidian / Blue / Grey

I personally like this color of the Air Max lights compared to those that have release already here in the US. If you plan on grabbing this pair then be prepared to start searching the Bay (ebay) this color scheme is rumored to be a JD Sports exclusive which can only be bought by either visiting their online store or one of their many locations in the United Kingdom. Gotta love overseas baby!!

Adidas Originals ZX 90’s Run

The adidas Originals ZX 90’s Run will be available next month in white/blue/sky blue and black/yellow pink at adidas Originals accounts. Clean, simple, and very lightweight compared to a ton of their other runners coming this summer. Retail should be around $65.