Saturday, May 9, 2009

Air Jordan 60+ Pack!!

Big ups to Sneakerfiles for being one of the first people out there with actual shots of the shoes and not just the sketches that we all have seen. So if you don't already know about the brand that I respect the most for creativity is definitely Jordan Brand...sometimes...LOL. This go round they are taking the theme from when Michael Jordan went in on the Celtics back in the 80's and scored 60+ points on em.

So Nike brings you the Jordan 1 in the black/red/white color that he used to get it in against Larry and the rest of the fellas. The green/black/white Jordan sees the treatment as a spin off the Celtics team colors. I don't know about you but the Jordan 1 is still a overall classic but how many more times are we going to see the Blk/Red color done up??? Keep in mind that back in the day there use to be well over 40 origianl colors and cuts in the Jordan 1. I bet you that today with all the LS colors and package mock up they are like 4 times that!

I also included a little youtube vid...which is not the greatest quality at all but peep it around the (6:00 min) mark and you will see MJ start to get hype about then.

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