Sunday, May 3, 2009

Supra TK Society Pro Model

I just got done talking about these to a really good friend of mine earlier today. We both had a good laugh and said that soon we will be seeing catz walking around with their whole pant leg tucked into these. LOL. I personlly respect Supra for the brand they have become but this is over the top for me personally. I bet you once the exclusive TK edition joints offically drop heads are most def going to grab a pair. You guys are on your own with these joints though. For those who like em keep it locked for final release date and price to still be deterimined.


Dbrown said...

i like the red and black pair.

Swave232 said...

Look Dope but man.......These boyz are like super HIGH!!! LOL. 3quarter cut would have been A-1