Saturday, May 2, 2009

Nike Air Rejuven8 Limited Edition - Summer ‘09

So again let me apologize to my readers that visit faithfully....tons of technical difficulty over here to say the least . Let's get in with these Air Rejuven 8's. These have become another one of my personal favorites since they were release last year during the Olympics. We have seen many different colors in this shoe and some have even hit the clearance rack within 2-3 months of the release.

Today we hit you with a Black/Grey/Orange and Orange/Yellow/Navy colors. Don't sleep on the Nike "Free" Sole incorporated on it for extra comfort. I know there has been some buzz around the Nike Presto re-release but don't count these out this summer.


Danan Thomas said...

What up! Nice to see the blog in action. I'm liking the livestrong colorway.

Swave232 said...

Yeah man...been down for a min now but def back in action. New tee shirts coming soon. I will keep all my people that "follow" locked for the exclusive price first!