Monday, August 31, 2009

Air Jordan L'Style One -Fall 2009 Asia Release

So we first showed you the Jordan L'Style One a few month ago when Wale was rocking a pair on his video set. Thanks to the good people over at for coming through with the release pictures we get to show you a better view of em. They have currently released over in Asia markets and will start to slowly but surely make their way to the states in a couple months.

They are more for a causal approach vs. the sports look every time..hence the whole "Lifestyle" concepts. To keep in line with current trends that are going on I think Jordan Brand hit the target audience with these. I am diggin all of the colors inger/Dark Cinder, Black/Neutral Grey, and Dark Grey/Grand Purple/Shadow Grey that they are dropping in. I have to actually try em on to tell weather or not this would be something I can wear. Super high cut on these but I am really liking the Jordan 1 midsole, toe box, and outsole inspired look on em. They added the air unit for comfort and a hint of flash. Let me know what you all think...

Air Jordan 2010/XXV(25)???????

So this is kinda of early in the game but a possible look at what next years Jordan is going to look like. Remember that you will see info pop up saying that this is the new Jordan 25 but remember JB stopped the numbered series at 23. If they don't decide to call it anything else it would more than likely be dubbed the Jordan 2010. From this super early released picture that leaked online a few days back this might be a sneak peek to what Jordan heads can look to expect.

Personal feelings is that it is too early and this picture is only a sketch to what may even not be the final product. This could be a rough draft from all we know at this point. Jordan Brand is NOTORIOUS for changing things up 45 to 90 days before the even ship to stores. So sit tight and we will keep you locked once we hear more.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Nike Hyperize- Hot 97 Summer Edition

It appears that in the spirit of Nike making huge focus on a ton of their retro product we still continue to see movement with the new. This edition of the Nike Hyperize can not be found in store. There are actually small amounts of size runs produced and passed out to various staff members at Hot 97 radio station in New York. Do you think Angie Martinez got hook up with a pair? Hmmmmmmm. Check em out!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Air Jordan 1 Wedding Cake

I thought this was kind of Dope. This guys wife had a Air Jordan 1 cake mocked up in it's OG color White/black/red. Looks sweet! (Pun intended) LOL

Nike Dunk High LE – Spring 2010 Releases

There is always this continued trend with Nike that I always seem to notice with them. These colors are no stranger to us because many of us still have them in our closet from almost 6 or 7 years ago when they re released. This time I did notice that they tweaked it a tad bit with the mid panel on each one of these compared to the retros. The Varsity Red joints keep the leather material on them while the orange and the blue shoes have incorporated the white mesh material.....LOOK CLOSE. Classic colors with a little twist on em and will be perfect for next year. See ya in sprint of 2010 Nike.

Nike WMNS Dunk High Skinny - Metallic Pack - Fall 2009

Three colorways of the Dunk High Skinny will be dipped in metallic leather with a sequin-like fabric covering the midpanels. The pack will consist of silver/white, gold/black and red/black versions. Pretty cool follow up to the paint blotting pack we showed off a couple days ago. Ladies get your shinny outfits ready. Don't go to hard on em though. LOL.

Air Jordan 1 Velcro Low - Black - Gum

For whatever reason they are calling this on Black/Gum..I don't know if it's just the lighting or just me but the look military green. Either way we see another velcro Jordan releasing in the near future here. I am really diggin the gum midsole and the premium leather used on em. Not too much a fan of the velcro but know catz that would freak em out. We will have more info on em as we get closer to the release.

Jordan Hall of Fame Update

Some additional pictures of the Jordan 2009, Air Jordan Retro 1, and the Jordan 6 Rings that will be releasing right around the corner on Sept 5th. These are actual shots taken in Chi in front of the United Center. Looks like somebody has em early. Still considering grabbing the Retro 1 to add to the collection just cause. Still on the fence about the other 2. What do you all think?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Clipse in store meet/greet (Burn Rubber x Motivation)

So Sunday performance down at St.Andrews in Detroit was crazy. First and foremost I would like to say that there were certain catz in the crowd that were not ready for Octane..aka. OhShitRoSpit who in fact opened it up and set the tone for the evening. Ro, what up? Second, the Clipse set just came through and crushed the building leaving the crowd going nutz.

If you were following us on then you would have keep up to speed on commentary/pictures of the event that night. Earlier that day Clipse did a in store meet/greet and Detroit's finest Burn Rubber Sneaker Boutique. We were not able to attend the Burn Rubber meet and greet but please check out the youtube vid below to see how it turned out. All I can say is Malice copped heavy! LOL. {sidebar* That chain is sick!} Shout out to Cliff x Hoodtography for the vid.

That following day we were able to get to Ann Arbor Mi for (Motivation) in store meet and greet. That was simply another really cool experience gettin to chop it up with the Clipse up close and personal. Motivation had a really good turn out...(Shout out to Mike/Indra) and tons of people fell through at noon on a Monday afternoon. DOPE! Check out the pictures below from Motivation in store. Did I mention again how crazy that Malice chain was....DANG! "Feels Good to blow 100,000 on a recession without second guessing."-Wouldn't know nothing about that! LOL. Enjoy and comment.

Monday, August 24, 2009

New Balance 996 Color Pack Fall 2009

Hate em or Love em New Balance is doing their thing. This is just another look into what we can expect from New Balance over the next month or so. 996 is looking pretty promising, and again I encourage people that your T-shirt does not have to match exactly with these shoes. LOL. Get it together.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Air Jordan Retro 1 High Shadow Grey (School Daze Alpha Omega)

Just as we showed you pictures before about the School Daze pack from Jordan Brand we get an even closer look at them here. Thanks to Millenium Shoes for the up close pics. These will be a def pick up. Don't sleep...even if you think you are tired of seeing Jordan Retro 1's. They are not going away anytime soon people.

Nike Hypermax NFW x Tennis Ball Release info

Just found out that the long awaited limited release of the Nike Hypermax Tennis Ball and NFW joints will release on August 22nd at select accounts. This would be wise to check with your local store to see if they are getting them. They will go pretty quick. Perfect summer end shoe pick up!

via Concepts

Nike WMNS Air Max 90 - Challenge Red - White - Medium Grey

Ladies....who has been winning all summer long and maybe even closer as we hit fall??? You all are! Another sick color in the Air Max 90 just of the ladies. Don't think that some fellas are not going to try and find their size in womens either. LOL. Either way a very fly color way. I like what Nike did with the medium grey hits on the shoe as well. Look for these to pop up and nike accounts within the next couple of weeks!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Nike Dunk High Black Canvas White Gum

These are super fly! Expect them to release sometime in Sept but don't be surprised if you see them in select accounts now. Canvas black upper with the gum sole...ahhh baby!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Spike Lee Nike Pack – Blazer Hi + Big Nike

2009 marks the 20th anniversary of Spike Lee’s legendary "Do The Right Thing," and in acknowledgement of Spikes accomplishment Nike hits us off with 2 themed shoes (Blazer/Big Nike) based off the movie. The Blazer is inspired by Sal's pizzeria shop colors and the Big Nike takes from the OG colored Jordan 1 letting us know Spike has been down with J's since day 1. Keep in mind that you will see a ton of different kicks pop up from both Nike and Jordan showing their respect to Spike Lee. Oh yeah, check out the top of the tongue where the Nike logo would normally's a pair of iconic glasses there instead! DOPE!

Nike Air Griffey Max 1 - Anthracite Black/Hot Red Closer Look!

New pictures have started to surface for the next color Nike is going to release in the Griffey Max 1. Scheduled to release in Oct of this year will more than likely show up in select stores by mid early to mid Sept. To us this is the perfect introductory shoe to fall, not too bright but gives off enough color to still stand out.