Monday, August 3, 2009

Fat Joe..."The Blackout!"

Teaming up with Protege sneakers Fat Joe is bringing out his very own "The Blackout" gym shoe. It is hitting Kmart stores very soon and will not retail for more than $34.99. So many people have been clowning this shoe and these pictures. The whole idea behind it was suppose to provide kicks to those that can't afford or either don't want to pay $100 plus for shoes. My question is would he rock his own shoes over his Air Force 1's???? On;y the future will tell. I bet you won't even see him in them unless it's for an Protege event/promo! LOL. Leave comments.

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d.knott(detroit fresh) said...

every body is clowing this shoe? not sure why. this actually don't look bad at all. definitely look better than the starbury's or jeff staple air walks. i'm going to go out on a limb and say that these are dope, considering the price and all. if you laced them up right and threw on the right fit you could pull it off. any one who says otherwise is a materialistic biatch and needs to grow up a bit and become a little more socially conscious.