Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Puma Lizoid King (Monster Pack)

Following along with the whole "Monster Pack" concept with Puma they hit us with the Godzilla edition. Scaly upper green textile feel all over the shoe mixed in with red and with spiked teeth near the back of the heel. Lots of detail on these shoes to actually make it work. Not sure if I would ever wear them but pretty cool to add to the collection.

Puma Ape King Mid (Monster Pack)

I really like the shoes that incorporate some type of theme or story line to it. 1 of 4 pairs I believe that will drop from Puma with their "Monster Pack" edition presenting King Kong like spin off. The shoe is covered in a bunch of different materials to resemble the "Ape"...fur like on the upper, tumble leather on the sides, and even the red fabric to resemble the wounds. Realistic looking eye on the back of the heel as well. The only other thing besides the sole is the fact that I think they went cheap on the tongue. Take a look at the image on there and tell me it does not look cheezy. LOL No word if these will release in the U.S. yet.

Nike Air Griffey Max 1 Black (Holiday Release)

Follow up to the Blk/Infrared that I reported earlier Footlocker released some pictures on the Blk/Blk color that will also drop in the fall/winter. I might use these as some fly work shoes. LOL. Be ready to cash out on a cool $140 on them.

Adidas Consortium Plug Pack Grand Slam/Kegler Super

2 classic styles from the early 80's freaked out and remixed a little to keep up with the trends. I am really liking what Adidas is doing this year around different innovation. Premium materials, incredible colorways, and the peg system embedded in the midsole for extra custom comfort. Take a look at the detail on these ya'll...they are sick.

Nike Air Max 1 ND (Wht/Volt)

Features these a while back and no matter what I think the Air Max 1 is still the most underrated lo key comfortable runners out there. Closer look into the White/Volt color that has now been released earlier from it's originally scheduled date. $130 US is the tag on these puppies! Get your neon or should I say VOLT on.

Supreme x Nike Bruim SB Collection

SUPER FRESH>>>SUPER CLEAN. Retail for $98 but Nike could have taxed you more and you would have still paid. LOL. Supreme collaborations are just sick! The Nike SB Bruin Collection will release on April 18th and the "World Famous" hang tags as well. Sometimes you gotta keep it simple.

Nike Air Griffey Max 1 Black/ Infrared

Another one of the hyped releases for this year is the Ken Griffey Max 1. Nike hits the streets with a Blk/Infrared. These bad boys will not be out till Holiday 09 but thought we would get you some exclusive pics. You will still be able to grab these at your local footlocker when they finally drop. Just remember that we will keep you posted on a exact date as we get closer.

New Balance MTG580 Gore Tex Series

The brand known for it's performance it back at it again with the MTG580. This much inspired Japanese colors and design fell has officially launched at select stores here in the US. The shoe itself has the gore tex technology which is made to be waterproof and very durable in harsh weather conditions. Yellow, teal blue, and purple, will be produced in limited quantities. These shots were taking from Major in DC. I will catch up with ya'll within the next couple weeks.

Jordan Retro 5 "Raging Bull" up close with the Black 3m

Thanks to marqueesole for always coming through with the detailed pics on this one. Keep in mind that this will be 1 of 2 colors that comes inside the package that will release on May 30th. Between you trying to get your hands on some Yeezy's no matter if that is in line or online you might not have to worry about availability with these. There have been mixed reviews so far about the black pair and how it looks like a fake!

Personally I think that the execution on the black pair is lacking just a little bit. I mean I am totally feeling the whole 3m concept on them and would have actually preferred them to have come out in that look. Earlier pics of the black pair made is seem as if they were going to incorporate the same texture on the "Olive" 5's that released a couple years back. Post you thoughts.....

Monday, March 30, 2009

FRAT x mita sneakers x New Balance MT576S Bamboo Rake

Frat & Mita team up and got with New Balance and made a very fly collaboration. I don't know if it is just me but when Nike seems to have a concept come about with one of their shoes New Balance seems to follow....or it could be the other way around. Obviously I know that it is not the first time that someone created a glow in the dark type shoe but trends definitely don't stray too far away.

Either way the shoe is very dope nevertheless. From the pictures below you can see that the whole upper glows in the dark. Purple lining and grey speckled sole make for a very nice color combo match up. If you look close there is a sweet looking design pattern on the tongue as well. No price point yet but shoe will be available to purchase at mita sneakers on April 4th.

Puma R698 Mesh Pack

These are out on the West Coast and should hit select Puma accounts here on the East Coast soon. Puma puts it Trinomic sole system on a clean silhouette which is ideal for the true runner but will also look fly if your just trying to get your casual game on. All mesh upper makes for a even more comfortable shoe, those that know me know it's about comfort first....sometime! LOL. Check it

Melo M5 Green Week Edition

I wanted to post this just to give some background info on what you can expect from the NBA during the fist full week in April. Starting on April 2nd the NBA hold it's first ever "Green Week" and to celebrate players will rock green kicks and eco friendly jerseys. Carmello Anthony will be rocking both a home and away colors in his own signature shoe freaked out in green to keep the theme rolling.

Again I didn't put this up because I thought the kicks were tight but the purpose of the NBA/Jordan Brand goal is to raise awareness and aid local environmental agencies. Expect all of the teams to have green somewhere for that week when they play....just keeping ya'll in the loop and remember where ya'll heard it first. Good lookin out to tprel for the pic!

Nike Dunk High Nylon Premium White/Grey

So Nike likes to continue on this same path of fabrics if you all have not been able to pick up on it recently. We feature another Nike Dunk High Vandal in Nylon white with grey swoosh and purple color hit on the top of the tongue tag. While I am still not a huge fan of the wht/wht or white sole I still appreciate a clean looking shoe every now and again.

Nike even let's you get a second pair of laces (purple) to freak them out with to give it that "pop" effect on it's white nylon background. Be sure that if you pick this particular color up that you make these your special occasion joints and not every day kickers, they are going to be a pain to clean white nylon. Keep it funky ya'll!

Womens Nike Air Force 1 High (Pink/White)

Ladies you all should definitely not sleep on these puppies right here. Pink/White High top.....come on now. Spring is here...well somewhat in the D but other than that these are fresh. Look for these at select Nike accounts within the next couple weeks!