Thursday, March 12, 2009

Talk About Being a Sole Survivor.. Nike SFB Kevlar Equipped

Pay close attention to this one ya'll..pretty dope concept!

No word yet if these are going to even hit the public or even something that is going to be a possible option for combat officers. Thanks to Tinker Hatfield brother Tobie, Nike and the Innovation team cooked up this combat like hybrid boot to honor Nike founder Bill Bowerman's tenure in the US Army. Equipped with Nike "Sticky" rubber and the "Free Sole" incorporated technology fused together in one. Let's not forget the they added the “puncture and laceration resistant thermoplastic forefoot shield and genuine leather with Kevlar sheath.” Crazy right?? The claim to fame on these is that the are going to be considered one of the lightest and fastest drying boots on the planet..coming from Nike that is going to be huge! Thanks to the good friends from down under for the pics!


Danan Thomas said...

I guess innovation runs in the family. The Hatfield's are genius mad scientists.

Swave232 said...

Tell me about it right! I heard about it and was like WOW! Very ill concept.