Sunday, March 8, 2009

Jordan Raging Bull Follow up!

I already posted the chopped up picture of these alongside of the full blown side view of the red pair. These are one of the hottest 5 in my opinion to drop in a long time. I mean lets face it, with all the fusions/packs that dropped in the OG colorway it kinda played the 5 out for a bit. With this new LS (Life Style) colorway Jordan Brand has given a totally different feel to the shoe. The material again is going to be that of the Olive and the Burgundy pair that released years back. From the picture is looks as if the 3m is only reflective on the red and not the black pair!

These are sample pictures so just with anything that Jordan brings out it could change at the last minute. Until then we can just sit back and keep it locked here for the actual release date once it gets announced.


Danan Thomas said...

Yes these are nice, I might have to have these in my life.

Swave232 said...

I am waiting on someone I know to send me the additional sample size pictures so he says. Once/If I get them on time I will post.