Sunday, March 29, 2009

Nike Zoom FP

So I am sure my man AZ would remember Kevin Garnett rocking these back in the day but not this same exact pair that Nike is releasing this time. Actually these are being dubbed as the Nike Zoom FP which stands for "Fun Police." Nike use to have these great commercials that featured Tim Hardaway, Kevin Garnett, and Jason Kidd posing as NBA Fun Police agents that would bring the excitement back to the fans...Pretty dope if you can youtube the commercial.

The Zoom Nike Fun Police is comprised of Tim Hardaway’s T-Bugg, Air Garnett III, and Jason Kidd’s Zoom Flight Five fused into one shoe. Price point is only going to be around $88 and a great value for a pretty cool hoop shoe! Both colors will be available mid April. (If anybody can find a good quality video on the Fun Police send it to us and we will post!) Peace

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