Thursday, March 12, 2009

Air Jordan Fusion 9 Spring/Summer Release

So I previewed these a while back and a few of you that follow the blog hit me up letting me know that they are the better looking of the Fusions to date. Early on I started to disagree but as more pictures come out the final product is looking promising for Air 1 & Jordan Heads.I do like the color selection Jordan Brand decided to get it in with while creating the Fusion 9! These might actually do pretty good once they hit retail.

Wht/Red, Wht/Caro Blue (April Release)
Blk/Blk/Red (May Release)
Wht/Red (June Release)

Thing I def don't agree with on this shoe either way is the fact that it will hit those pockets up for about $160 once it's said and done. Let me know.....