Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pistons vs Denver Game 3/3/09

So last night I ended up taking my daughter to her first Pistons game and we had a blast! Night was interesting just off the fact that the Pistons won 100 to 95 and Chauncey returned back to the Palace and scored a season high of 34 points. Huge standing ovation during the announcement of the players before the game and it lasted for a cool 3 to 4 min before they even announced the Pistons.

So with all that said ya'll know I could not have made this post without saying something about kicks right? LOL. So while I don't have any pictures I can at least kick it with ya'll and let you know the low down.

First off at warm up Sheed was rocking a White/Baby Blue Air Force 1 High top. Now I thought we was going to rock them during the game to show respect towards Chauncey but he switched it back to the white/red for game time. Rip was still rocking the white/blue PE Jordan 6 rings that I have posted a while back.

One thing I can tell ya'll is that the GayzeWayze were also other words... FAKES! A dude in front of me rocking red on black Jordan 8's...terrible... and even the freakin snow cone guy that worked there was flexing a pair of black/white/yellow Jordan 22's. Oh lord...I wish I had time to grab my camera and flash some pics to go with the story but I was smashing Bdubs at that moment. HAHAHA. So I posted the other pics I took in the palace minus my family joints. Ya'll don't need all that. LOL! daughter was freaking out at first about Hooper floating around (I would too because of that T-mobile sidekick he was holding...ugghhhh) but she was ok as the game went on. I know this was long but whatever..... much love ya'll.

P.S. Glad to see Rip starting again...Iverson out and we are winning again.....Things that make you go hmmmmmm!

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