Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Nike HyperDunk Available on Nike iD March 17th.

This should be a pretty cool Nike ID shoe to do up. There are going to be various patterns and designs and you can add to the shoe even including the option to have a clear colored sole on the shoe. They will go for $140 for patterns/solid sole and $150 for the colors and clear colored sole. Below is just a taste of what you will be able to do once it becomes available on their site on the 17th!


Danan Thomas said...

Dope, I'll make like 3 pairs. Since there is a clear sole, space jam XI inspired colorway might be the hotness!

Swave232 said...

Ah ha..would not have even thought about that! Send me the print out through email and I will post it up. Sounds ill.

Danan Thomas said...

Okay will do.