Sunday, March 8, 2009

Air Jordan Retro 1 Blk/Red/Wht/ Green High x Polka Dot Low

I posted the all black/wht Polka Dot High's months ago and thank goodness we are yet to see that creation drop! Just as quickly as I say that JB is already trying to release these nasty looking low top white/blue polka dot joints....YUCK! They are almost as bad as the velcro boys. LOL. Couple weeks back I showed you a sneak peek of the black highs along with the tee shirt that will be dropping with them.

The black pair take me back to like 92/93 with all the Cross Colors era. Speaking of which..have ya'll seen them trying to bring those "X" hats back? I will save that for another post. The black pair almost look like kids sizes but might just be how the picture was taken. Nubuck black with a nasty looking green inner and terrible white sole. LOL. Both will be out May 2nd and will hit you up for $100 if you plan on coppin! Don't let me take anything away from you if you like em but compared to the Sapphire joints I would take the ToysRus kid velcros all day! HAHAHA. Enjoy ya'll.

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Danan Thomas said...

Filth... those will never grace my feet.