Wednesday, December 31, 2008

CliffSkighWalker Interview Pt.1

Is this what you been waiting for??????? So this is part 1 of 3 for the "Undefeated Champion" of the Blog CliffSkighWalker himself. Detroit let's kick this off....MAKE SURE TO CLICK THE HD LINK TO WATCH IN BETTER QUALITY!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Air Yeezy Pics for 2009

Just like last month when I posted the official statement from Mr. West himself the Air Yeezy will be available to the public sometime in March of 09. I will personally try to grab a pair not only because Kanye rocks these but because they are really fly.

Check the previous post under Kanye West for my breakdown but the shoe has tons of potential. More pictures as we get closer to the jump but heads will just have to hold tight! Oh yeah, the soles are going to be the glow in the dark material that they will release to the public. Not sure if they decided to drop all of em like that of just select colors to make it that much more exclusive.

Nike WMNS Air Max 1 Safari 2009

So get ready for 2009 and all the safari that it has to bring. Nike will release the womens line up of "Safari" air max as well. Below are the Air Max 1 retro brought back in a funky fresh line up with the safari hit material and design on the side and around the upper heal. I am really digging some of these colors for the ladies and can't wait to see what Nike has in store for the fellas. Prepare to see all four colors launch just before Spring breaks.

Katt Williams at the Pistons Game!

So I know these pictures look like booty and you can thank the good people at RIM for this. LOL. Katt Williams was in Detroit tonight while I was at the game watching the Pistons spank Orlando last night. He is in town all this week hosting a comedy battle against Steve Harvey for New Years Eve. Might see Katt pop up at a couple other places in the D before he bounces.

P.S. He was rocking some team Jordans from last year! HAHA. Size 8 and all. LOL

Monday, December 29, 2008

Nike Womens Air Force 2 High Valentine Day

Sooooooo, just when I was giving Nike props for some of the fly ladies shoe that are dropping....I might have to retract my previous statement after these. These are some Air Force 2's that are a valentines day exclusive for the ladies.

When I see this I think of some bogus Ed Hardy wear or even some funky knock off tees that you might see in a Target store near you. LOL. BOOOOOO..... I give this one 3 weeks before you see the price drop off em. I believe that Nike wants $75 bucks for em as well. They are now available to the public.

P.S. Please knock this off the shoe wall when you see it.

Puma Clyde x Mita Sneakers

Puma is trying to go hard for the new year. I personally think they are trying to knock Vans and both Supra sales out for the new year. If that is so then they are def going in the right direction by dropping these on Friday Jan 2nd. For those of you that aren't familiar this once originally designed for Walt "Clyde" Fraizer continues to expand and collaborate with Mita on this one.

A similar design to the Vans rising sun design Puma flipped it by keeping a black suede toe box and leather upper. I am a true sucker for the royal blue/black/white color on these. While still not a fan of the wht/wht mid sole and sole on these I would def rock em. Ok, might not rock em because I still find these to be uncomfortable as hell but nevertheless they are limited.

Mita will only drop 185 pairs of this color and will run you about $208 bucks! UGH.....I rather grab a pair of 23's and call it a day! (Had to throw that in there) Still a Dope shoe/collaboration though.

Nike Womens Dunk Low Netural Grey/Citron/White

So for all my ladies these will def be super fly once Nike drops this color on that a%$. Be on the lookout late Feb early March for these to release. Spring being around the corner by then I would recommend that you cop and keep on ice till May! Keeping them extra crispy but that is just my personal recommendation. LOL.

Low top Premium leather...again....PREMIUM LEATHER. I just want to stress that because Nike is not going cheap this year when it comes to quality of Dunks. These will retail for $100 once they release and that is high when you are talking about quality leather though, especially for a low. Nevertheless, really diggin the silver metallic hit in the heal and grey leather in the toebox. That citron make gives the shoe even more character with a flower design on the insole. I am sure I will see these on the streets soon, maybe even before Feb!

Womens Nike Dunk High Premium Wht/Wht/Varsity Red/Pink

Some Dunks for 2009 for all the ladies. Nike is going to continue to bring us funky fresh colors for 2009. The ladies once again seem to be getting all the fire from what I've seen so far. This multicolor Dunk will be available to all Nike retailers in the next week or so. Fellas get you wallets out for the ladies and get ready to drop that cool $105 for em. The materials used in the side panels near the swoosh and the upper seem to be real durable. Premium leather is always a plus in the toe box especially if you girl in pigeon toed. LOL.

Jordan Brand Dub Zero (Back Again for 2009)

So Jordan Brand is coming back with the Dub Zero next year. I heard rumors that they were suppose to drop these but didn't think they would. When they came out 2 years ago I really was not digging these at all. I guess with all the fusions they have been putting out why not throw these back in the mix.

This color is inspired by the Jordan 4 because of the mid sole and the recognizable cement print around the shoe. This is just one of several colors to drop in the new year. Might make for a dope hoop shoe if you ask me. More pictures as we get closer.....

04/18/2009 Jordan Dub Zero

White/Varsity Red-Black-Cement Grey


(pics via marqueesole)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Nike SB High Premium

Well Nike SB has certainly been interesting year. Tons of wackness put out and some really classic colors and nice clean designs. These are based off of the tv show Twin Peaks which aired in the early 90's. While I really like the colors I hate that the owl is on the side. The shoe will be out in about another week or so at select boutiques. Pay attention obviously to the green stitch but the iced midsole is hruting em. Grey bottom to make things that much worth it!

Nike Air Force 1 White/White/ICE 2009

What's up ya'll? Hope that you holiday went smooth because mine was cool. Really wish it could been longer but it is what it is. Let's get back into some updates....

So I put this up again for all the people that tune in and love the wht/wht Air 1's but Nike is adding a little twist in 09. This time around they will continue to use the smooth leather but add a nice icy sole! The lace locks will now read AF-1 '82 on them with a insole that has AF-1 in a elephant print. Love the icy sole that they decided to bring back with these but no release date as of yet. Check back for updates....


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lebron Commercial and Nike Spoof Remixed Bush Edition

SO I know that I am late with this but is still funny. The first video is a legit commercial from Nike for the new Lebron James 6 that just dropped. Jay Leno took it upon himself to add his twist which makes is kinda funny. To understand the 2nd vid you have to watch the first.

Mayor Bespoke 3m Custom Air Force 1

Mayor does it again with his customer Nike Air Force 1 from Nike Id shop in New York. This is his very own 1 of 1 Bespoke 3m all over air 1. Not really huge on Air Force 1 anymore but again giving credit where it is do. This is "All Over" 3m once the light hits these bad boys. The midsole is this sick clear coat with contrast red stitching and red laces to make it "pop" even more!

Sorry ladies and gentlemen...can't get your hands on these. Get to Nike Id studios in New York and schedule an appointment if you are even going to get close.

pics via shoegame

Nike Air Max Fall 2009 Preview

Big ups to sneakernews for the pictures. Can't wait till next year. Really like what Nike is doing with these color schemes for some classic kicks. Better start saving now.....

Nike Dunk High Premium Blk/Orange/Safari

So this Nike Dunk could have had real potential to be a dope shoe but......that white on white sole. YIKES!! I love the look of the shoe with the safari print in the front near the toe box but that white sole is going to look funk nasty after 1 burn.

Nike knows they could have hit us with a little switch up. So since this is premium they will have Nike Zoom Air technology built into them which make for extra comfort. These will be apart of Nike Spring 2009 collection but available now at select boutiques.

Jordan 23 Black/Red Released (Sold Out!!)

So thanks to my man Maze over at for providing the super close up shot of the most anticipated color of the year for the 23's. Jordan Brands puts the 23 to close for the year poppin it off with the official blk/red color.

It was only right seeing as how Michael heart was always in Chicago. People stood in lines again and camped out for over a week to grab a pair of these exclusive shoes in this color. Again being limited to only 529 pairs world wide will def put the heavy price tag on em. Don't believe me....just log onto ebay right now and tell me that you don't see bids into the thousands for these kicks.

They officially released today and I am sure videos were made from the people camping out. Soon as that footage is released then count on me to due the follow up here on the blog. Enjoy the pictures. Thanks again Maze!