Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Air Jordan Retro V (5) Black Metallic Silver 2011

Just in case you forgot about all these new release kicks coming out from Jordan this year you should already know SSD has you covered when it comes to Jordan. Releasing sometime in August will be the Retro 5 in the black/metallic silver colorway for it's 4 time around but this time with a little twist. Unlike the past retro done up in this color, the 2011 will feature a thicker black upper suede and a blue tinted sole instead of clear. These minor changes (which are to be expected by now) have certain Jordan heads pissed off, while others are just glad that the shoes will be releasing again in that color. We will keep you posted once we get closer to that timeframe on a exact date in Aug and better up close pics to come. What do you think about the changes to it this year?

Jordan V.5 Grown Canvas Low

You have seen the high top versions of the Jordan V.5 Grown but now the low tops have already started to hit select accounts and a few .com sites. These are what we like to call "snappy casual" kicks that can be worn this summer with just about anything. Jordan Brand is hitting the streets off with several color variations to go with any fit you are trying to throw together while keeping it cool. If you were not a huge fan of the high tops, the lows are looking pretty fresh in our opinion. Retail is $80.

Vans Custom Culture 2011 – Voting Open

Huge shout out to Vans for having this competition now in place for 2yrs in a row. It allows highschool art classes to customize a all white pair of vans in hopes for the grandprize winner to walk off with a $50,000 scholarship towards art school program. Vans was able to knock it down to 50 selections (10 schools per region), and the polls are now open to vote on your favorite piece. The Top 5 finalists will be flown to NYC this June to compete in a final round, judged by industry experts Tony Alva, Mr. Cartoon, and more. Go and check out the site and support because we love when sneaker companies give back to the community like this and give the youth a chance to get out their dreams. CLICK HERE FOR THE VANS CUSTOM WEBSITE!!!

Air Jordan 3 “Black Carbon”

Just like a ton of other Retro's Jordan Brand is releasing this year it does not look like the 3 is stopping either. Alongside of the 3 OG colors that will release this year we take a look into this "black carbon" color that apparently has hit the net over these past few days. No official word yet on it's release but we can tell you that these are different from the ones that are scheduled to come out in Sept. Keep it locked for more info.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Air Jordan V Tokyo23

So before you get too excited we should just warn you that if you are expecting to see these release here in the states....forget about it. Jordan Brand launched it's new website Tokyo23 for all things Jordan. Expect these to be on of those limited releases overseas only. Sure there are going to be pairs that pop up here stateside but expect to pay a pretty hefty premium to say the least from resellers. How do you think this matches up to the "Lighting 4's" that released sometime ago?

Nike Air Foamposite Pro Retro Black

Expect Nike and the foamposite movement to not slow down at all this year. We showed you early sample pics of these last year and now have better shots that popped up online over the last few days. These are scheduled to release sometime this summer but nothing official has been confirmed on it's actual release. Stick with SSD for more information on these as we get it. For now let us know below what you think of this colorway.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Air Jordan 2011 Colors Drop April

It's official..Jordan Brand just announced that they will be dropping all three colors in the 2011's seen below. Release date will be on April 30th and retail on each are $170. Expect these to be at select retailers and online as well. We aren't even half way through the year and things are starting to get real expensive around here. Stack that cheese if you like em. Let us know what you think of the soon to be released colors.

Word Is....Air Jordan Retro 7 Release Info

We had these up the other day and wanted to post some additional news on these that are floating around. Quite possible that these will in fact make their way to the US and we are hearing a potential May 7th for it's release date. Expect these to be very limited just like the 2011 YOTR. More info to come.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nike Air Force 1 High Foamposite – White

Nike doing the Air Fore 1 foamposite theme all over again this year seems to still be catching some fire. If you can remember almost this time last year Nike previewed the Silver High, then Black High late summer/fall, winter released the "Kobe" versions in the High/Low, and now we see a all white version appear. No official word yet on when these will release but the entire upper is constructed of foamposite material with a clear translucent blue midsole/outsole. Retail will more than likely still be @ that $200 price point when they release and we would still expect quantities to be limited to select retailers. Just in time for summer maybe??

Spike Lee Jordan Spizikes (No-Retail)

We normally see shots of Spikes Spizikes or other Jordan shoes specifically made in NY Knicks color on foot court side at the game. This picture popped up recently with the man himself holding some heat that will never see the light of day for consumers. We personally can't decide which flavor looks best so we will just say both! Lol. Size 11 please Jordan Brand.....

Nike Air Foamposite Black/Green Ice Release Date Info

We showed you pics of these a little over a month ago just shortly after the pewter foams released. Word is that this will be a House of Hoops only exclusive and the release date it May 19th. If anything changes between now and then I will definitely make sure to keep the streets posted, for now...make sure to stack that cheese for this release.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Air Jordan Retro VII (7) Year of the Rabbit

The Year of the Rabbit pictures continue to surface on the internet with hopes that they will hit state side. Now that the Bordeaux release has passed we gear up for a few more 7's to release before summer is over. No official word yet on it's release or if this will just be limited to overseas but we will continue to keep you posted as we get word.

Nike Air Yeezy 2 @ Coachella!

So let the Yeezy hype train continue!!! So as most people here in the D stayed up late watching a grainy youtube stream of Kanye performing @ Coachella it seems he made yet another debut of this year hyped up release...The Yeezy 2. We first gave you screen shots just like every other blog and website out these on the internetz during Nike small short story of the The Black Mamba. Apparently the people that we actually in the crowd were a good distance away hence the somewhat blurred pics. We here at SSD are sure that more pics will surface in the next hours or so and Yeezy 2 will be the talk of the town in the am. We still are reserving judgement for the actual public release photos....these shots at least give us some clue as to what to look for in the near future...maybe!

Air Jordan III ‘Stealth’ – New Images

Early images of this Jordan 3 leaked on the internet a few months back. We now have some closer shots of what the next retro 3 is going to look like after the hyped over true blue 3 launches. These "Stealth" grey retros will release sometime in Sept of this set date yet but we have Sept pegged as the month they will release. For those of you who know us we are not huge fans of white outsoles and have to admit we weren't completely sold on this colorway at first glance. Now that these better pictures have surfaced it might be one for the collection. More than likely retail will still be about $150 on them...thoughts?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux Release Today!!

For some OG Jordan sneakers heads and for all you hypebeast out there..Jordan Brand release the Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux today to the public for $150. These can be found online and at Jordan retail locations in your city. It has almost been about 20yrs since they have put this colorway back for sale on the market. This color also holds a special place in a ton of collectors hearts...we know it does over on this side! We will have video of the review to follow soon. Thoughts?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Air Jordan 2011 – Jordan Brand Classic PE’s (Release Reminder)

Just in case you forgot that these Jordan Brand Classic PE's release today online and at select Footlocker House of Hoops locations. Retail on these will be $170 and sizes will be extremely limited. Get yours before they are gone!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Air Jordan 2011 – Orion Blue

We kept trying to tell the streets that the Jordan 2011 was going to be a game changer. Now that 5 colors have already been released to the public with 2 more to come this week, pictures of this Orion Blue pop up on the net a few days ago. Looks like a perfectly clean shoe just in time for those summer months. No official release date info on them yet but you know we will keep you posted once we hear something.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jordan Fly Wade Black Red Detailed Look

So if you have not caught wind yet, Jordan Brand officially announced D.Wade signature shoe with the brand last week. Keep in mind ever since he left Converse he has played in various retro Jordans, team shoes, 2010, and the Jordan 2011 for the most part. Now we see some detailed pictures on what his sneaker will look like this summer. From what we here people will more than likely have a chance to customize these on NikeiD soon. I would expect to see D.Wade with these on in the blk/red colorway and others sometime during the playoff run within the next couple weeks. No official dates yet on this color but expect to see them in stores sometime before the month is up.