Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kid Cudi Grabs 4 pair of Nike Air Mags

So we here at SSD are also notorious for grabbing up double, triples, hell maybe even quadruples of one pair of sneaker. Well, as we sit here and bump this "Sound Track 2 My Life" we stumbled across the Cudder himself winning 4 pairs of Nike Mags off eBay not too long ago. Keep in mind that each auction ended a little over $5,000 a pair. Hmmmm...do the math on that one! He announced his winnings on twitter with this statement. "Won 4 pairs of McFly's off Ebay, xmas done came early willllyyyyyy!!!"

Nothing yet on what Cudi plans to do with them but we are sure he will pop up somewhere with them on. Keep in mind this is a sneaker that NIke themselves explains can't but worn but so many times then it's done. Thoughts?

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