Saturday, April 4, 2009

Nike Hyperize "Sydney Deane" Edition

So let me break down with what we have here. Nike is getting the concept from this shoe from the movie "White Men Can't Jump!" Wesley Snips character in the movie played as Sydney Dean..whose colors on the hat, shorts, and color tank tops he wore resemble the colors used on the shoe. I for one think this is dope! It was smart to tie in this shoe because it is a spin off of their old (Hyper Dunk) add that got pulled late last year due to some people taking personal offense and legal issues about the campaign. (side bar) Check my youtube post and get educated further on that! Start viewing at 1:36

People are not understanding why Nike chose to do this vs bring back some Force/Flight shoe from back then but that's not what they had in mind. The HyperDunk/Fly Wire technology is Nike main focus right now and has proven successful amongst other innovation ideas in place. These should be available sometime this summer and no set price as of yet. Check out the insoles of the shoes....It quotes and line from the movie that Wesley would say to Woody about Jimmy Hendrix and his music.."You can listen to Jimmi but you can't hear em."


Danan Thomas said...

I see a winner with these. I might have to cop.

Swave232 said...

You and me both...not sure if I want to hoop in mine just yet. All depends on how the are going to fit!