Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Nike Womens Lunartrainer +

Ladies if you don't know...now you know!! 4 real. Looking for a fly shoe and it's crazy comfortable then this is definitely it. So ladies, if your shoe size is a 9 or bigger than you might not like these. Not to knock my big foot ladies but I just want to warn you because of the way that the sole is constructed. It starts out being narrow at the toe then bows out pretty wide due to it being created for performance first and fashion second.

If you can get past that then you will not be disappointed in it's comfort that's for sure. This shoe integrates Nike Lunar foam or Lunarlite technology which gives off that nice memory foam feel cushioning. Nike is going to bring out plenty colors for you to chose from so just remember that we told you not to sleep! LOL. 4 real though....