Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Air Jordan XI (11) 25th Anniversary Edition Pic/Vid Review

So below are some personal shots that we were able to take of the up and coming Jordan 2010 Retro XI 25th Anniversary shoe. There is a video below following the pictures so make sure to check it out and comment. If you have not already started following our videos look on youtube for "Swave232" or search for SoleSurvivorDetroit and you can sign up to follow each time we post one.

We also pulled out a never worn "deadstock" pair of our very own Retros from 2000 to compare with the all white that is suppose to release sometime this summer. Comment below and let us know your feedback. As always...thanks for watching!


d.knott(detroit fresh) said...

might sound crazy, but i actually don't mind the yellowing of some soles. this age well. it kind of gives it a gum buttom kind of look. as long as the rest of the shoe stays crispy the yellowed bottoms are cool with me. the 5's do well too.

Swave232 said...

THat is not weird at all sir! I keep trying to tell heads that shoes are meant to be worn. With that said icy soles will get yellow. I also don't let a yellow sole get in the way of me gettin it in! LOL.