Monday, October 18, 2010

House of Hoops Detroit....Grand Opening Oct 29th

Detroit Stand UP!!!! Just under 2 weeks away before Detroit opens it's first House of Hoops location inside of Fairlane Mall. The location is going to be placed inside the current footlocker store with a remodeled look and feel for the HoH. Below is a shot of the tarp that is currently up while that part of the store is being remodeled. Make sure to stick with us for the first look and video exclusive on Detroit's location. Remember you heard it here first!

P.S. Apparently there is going to be a celebrity/athlete on grand opening day...We don't expect Lebron or Kobe showing up to this event anytime soon so don't even let the thought cross your mind! LOl. We will keep you up to speed once we get word!


SHOW IDEEZ said...

Congrats to Detroit. I'm sure there will be a line outside when that store officially open. I'll check back for the grand opening pics. I wonder who the grand opening athlete will be.

Swave232 said...

Thanks fam! Watch it be somebody wack like Vinny Johnson or somebody. HaHA. It's going to be a dope look for the city that's sure. We will keep you posted for sure!